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Delicious Video Marketing Strategies for Food Brands

Everpost Content Marketing Staff

Everpost Content Marketing Staff

Food is one of the reasons platforms like Instagram are so popular. Now, bear with us and listen to the logic on this one. Firstly, everyone enjoys food. Secondly, most people enjoy sharing their meals.

In video marketing, the only thing that beats food selfies and recipes is sharing the experience. This is why food shows are so popular, even though the viewers cannot smell or enjoy the yummy goodies.

It was predicted that by 2021, videos would account for 82% of all online traffic. If you're considering video marketing for the food industry, there are a few points to keep in mind. Consider the following strategies to get the appropriate type of video for you:

1. Tell Your Experience

Is your brand preparing to debut a new service or exquisite product that will shake the industry? Or is it your brand's years of tradition and excellence that makes it unique? Food is personal, emotional, and universal in nature, which is why your customers want to hear your personal story. Your brand story will be highly valued in today's culinary world, where customers are well knowledgeable about ingredients, flavors, and processes. Here's an excellent example of a documentary-style video of the head chef, Joshua Davies.

2. Take Your Customers into the Kitchen Virtually (BTS)

The public is fascinated by looking behind the scenes, and the food industry is no exception. One of the most appealing aspects of food video marketing is that the entire process is a production from beginning to end. You have to make them feel like they are actually in your kitchen. Make your food, flavor profile, chef, and recipes the star, and you'll have realistic, crave-worthy content in no time.

Everpost BTS

3. Endorsements/Testimonials/Influencers

This is when you tap into your most devoted and/or super-duper followers and seek their assistance in speaking or smizing for you. This is the most obvious place to incorporate video. Whether your goal is to create a viral campaign or to have a customer share how their relationship with your food product has impacted their lives, nothing beats word-of-mouth messaging.

4. Social Strategy

Do not overlook social media. This is where video reigns supreme. Without these platforms, you're effectively excluding a sizable portion of your audience. According to Zizzi's research, 18-35-year-old people spend five entire days a year on Instagram perusing food photographs, and 30% would shun a restaurant if their Instagram presence were insufficient.

The Successful Recipe

It makes no difference what business you're in; statistics show that people love watching videos. It's simply a more efficient means of communicating your message. On YouTube, food and beverage videos have had over 465 billion views. Simply put, food attracts more customers.

A case in point is Buzzfeed's most popular food video, "S'mores Dip." It has received over 128 million views, 1.8 million interactions, and 2.8 million shares on Facebook — all for less than 30 seconds. This highlights the effectiveness of video marketing when it comes to food marketing.

While video marketing may benefit any industry, the food industry is particularly booming due to the opportunity for a robust experience. Give Everpost a call if you have any inquiries about video marketing strategies for food brands. We'd love to shoot and have meals together!

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Everpost Content Marketing Staff

Everpost Content Marketing Staff


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